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Cycle in Gotland

Gotlands landscape is attractive for cyclists. You reach nature, culture, history and our fantastic beaches when you cycle on easily cycled roads and paths with bicycles hired at Visby Hyrcykel. The roads pass through a varied and flat landscape. Every part of Gotland is accessible by bicycle. The narrow cobbled streets in Visby are excellently accessible for cyclists. Here are Church ruins, old ware houses, a botanical garden, restaurants, shops and much more within the surrounding Town Wall. Visby Town Wall has been included in UNESCO´s World Heritage list since 1995.

Gotland is the largest island in Sweden,186km long, 50km wide and has a 800km long coastline. The sun shines most of the time in Gotland and is the sunniest holiday destination in Sweden. Visby tops the list of sunniest place in Sweden every year! This island is perfect for a cycling holiday!

You can get maps and suggestions for long or short cycle tours at Visby Hyrcykel. We point out places of interest, cafés and restaurants. We guide you to lovely beaches. The most popular beaches are Tofta, 20km. South of Visby, Sudersand at Fårö and Ljugarn on the Eastern side of Gotland. "Kallis," the swimming area in the centre of Visby is the most visited beach during week 29 which is Stockholm week. You can cycle quickly from Visby on a cycle path to Kneippbyn Summerland and Aqua Park, just South of Visby. Visit Pippi and test their exciting water slides. Kneippbyn is Gotland´s only 5 star camping site. Other camping sites in Gotland have also very high standards. 50km. is the most suitable distance for a one day cycle. This gives you a comfortable tempo and you have time to enjoy everything along the way. Your legs and behind feel also comfortable if you take it easy. Many of our guests have already decided which part of Gotland they plan to discover by bicycle.We usually talk about the North, South, East, Middle of Gotland or The Visby Area.

The Town Wall Cycle Club is our cooperative partner. You can also contact them for tips about cycle paths. Ring 070-7927622 for more information. The Town Wall Cycle Club organizes free exercise tours all summer which begin at 08.45 at Visby Hyrcykel. Get together at 08.30. Everybody is welcome, keep fit, as well as competitive cyclists.

Visby Hyrcykel became in 2009 one of two test centres for TREK cycles in Sweden. The other centre is in Säfsen on the mainland. We and our customers give our opinions about these cycles and report to TREK. You can also take part in these tests of the latest road bikes and MTB for a while, free of charge. It is possible to hire a TREK bike if you wish to use it for longer after the test . Our staff is trained by TREK Sweden and know everything about our bicycles .We at Visby Hyrcykel are cycle experts!

We have very good quality bicycles. You can feel secure and safe whether you cycle long or short distances. We help you to choose the best bike for you and adjust it accordingly. Visby Hyrcykel has Ladies, Mens, Childrens, Tandems, Electric, MTB, Long distance and Road bikes for hire. Visby Hyrcykel has also accessories such as cycle trailers,child trailers,dog trailers, tents, camping mats, spirit stoves, child seats, cycle carriers and helmets, for hire. We have everything you need for your holiday in Gotland. Visby Hyrcykel has a ready packed Camping Package containing everything you need for your camping holiday. If you are living in Visby during your visit to Gotland, we can deliver your bicycle free of charge. Ring us! If you do not want to cycle in Gotland we can offer other alternatives. Hire a moped for two, or a car for four. You are guaranteed to see more of our glorious island. Ring to Gotlands complete cycle hire! Visby Hyrcykel + 46 498-25 66 10 or www.visbyhyrcykel.se

Public Access
Public Access is an unwritten law which includes, amongst other things, the following rights:
  • You are allowed to erect a light weight tent for some nights on another persons land as long as you are not too close to the area adjoining a residential house.
  • You are allowed to make a small grill fire with dry twigs and branches that lay on the ground. Think about fire risk and do not build a fire on flat rocks as this can cause cracks.
  • You are allowed to wander freely in woods and countryside, cycle on existing paths and roads, as long as you do not damage vegetation.
  • All motor traffic in terrain is forbidden. You are not allowed to park a caravan wherever you like.
  • You are naturally not allowed to pick protected, rare plants. Most other plants are also most beautiful left where they grow. The natural parks/meadows in Gotland should not be walked upon before the grass has been cut. Be careful not to disturb birds during their nesting period.
Protected bird areas and nature reserves have strict restrictive rules. Further detailed information is available from Länsstyrelsen in Visby. + 46 498-292100 or www.lansstyrelsen.se/gotland

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